Grey Day

We’ve had our first loss on the farm.  We had heavy rains yesterday and a cold front that moved in last night, and when Steve went out to do chores this morning he found that our old nanny goat had died in the night.  We had moved she and Eli into a new paddock about two weeks ago, and even though she had been seeming more weak and tired than usual, she was also enjoying all the fresh grass.  We had some suspicions about her health, especially since she was having more and more trouble getting up from lying down, but even when Steve had to pick her up and carry her into her new digs, we were hopeful that she’d keep bouncing back.


She was an old girl.  She’d had painful arthritis in her front legs that made it difficult to walk since long before she came to us.  She was weak, and she was tired, and one more wet and chilly night was just too much for her.   It’s not a tragedy, but it’s still sad, most of all for poor Eli. She was his buddy, his touchstone, his only companion.  We’re worried about how he’ll cope now that he’s out there all alone.  Poor guy.  Poor Nanny.

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7 thoughts on “Grey Day

  1. Another sad element to this is that he’s not really part of the rest of the herd… they bully him and keep him away from the food and water. We were planning on putting the chicken coop in he and nanny’s pen this weekend, but I don’t know how much comfort they’ll bring him. :)

  2. Sorry to hear that. I hope you find a nice spot by a tree to bury her if that’s what your doing. The first apple trees on our farm and the grass around them are nice and green from our three that died last year and were buried right beside them. I really hope that you find a companion for him. The puppy and Eli might get along really well or maybe even the chickens.

  3. Lara and Steve, I am always eager to hear about the news on your adventure. I just got the lunk to your blog when Ali sent me your Mothers Day blog piece. Congrats on the piglets!!!
    Having never farmed in my life I am learning a lot. Goats are not easy to raise. When they get sick you have to act fast or you lose them. Goats are the funnest animals to have on the farm because you never know what they’re going to do next.
    We had around 80 babies this year and lost 10. Its hard to loose them because they are cute and you want them to pull through but sometimes you can think you did everything… and the die anyway. Can’t wait to hear more….

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