Pasture raised Big Mac???

It was brought to our attention today that WordPress’s advertising system is sometimes inserting ads into our posts for (of all things) fast food.  Ads show up on our blog because we don’t pay for WordPress’s premium services, but please rest assured that we DO NOT make money off of these ads…. they’re simply the price we pay to have WordPress host our blog.  Hopefully, if you’re here, McDonalds won’t be able to sway you no matter what nefarious means they employ!

CSA Shares Available!

Hello all!  Sorry about the LONG radio silence on this here blog.  We’ve been so busy!  A quick summation:

2 litters of Ossabaw piglets were born in September, one of which had to be bottle-fed and live in our living room for a few weeks.  Good thing they were cute!

We processed 8 of our roosters, and are now just enjoying the dulcet tones of the two survivors.

There are lots of beautiful brown eggs being layed in our coop, and I think I can honestly say they are the best eggs we’ve ever eaten.

We sold off 10 of our summer Large Black piglets, and the remaining pigs have been getting BIG.  Which brings us to the REAL news for today… Continue reading

Piglet Watch, part 2

Mama Cass’s 4 remaining piglets are pretty hilarious right now.  They’re running and jumping around (often in circles) like the crazed toddlers they are, and seem to be especially enjoying harassing their papa, Boyfriend.  We were a little apprehensive about letting him back into the pen (we separated him when Mama farrowed), but he and Mama are SO HAPPY to be reunited, and he’s actually a really good dad.  They snuggle up next to him when he lays down, chase him around, try to bite his ears, and he is utterly nonplussed.  They’re a sweet little piggy family.  (I’ll try to get some good pictures soon.) Continue reading

Grey Day

We’ve had our first loss on the farm.  We had heavy rains yesterday and a cold front that moved in last night, and when Steve went out to do chores this morning he found that our old nanny goat had died in the night.  We had moved she and Eli into a new paddock about two weeks ago, and even though she had been seeming more weak and tired than usual, she was also enjoying all the fresh grass.  We had some suspicions about her health, especially since she was having more and more trouble getting up from lying down, but even when Steve had to pick her up and carry her into her new digs, we were hopeful that she’d keep bouncing back. Continue reading